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Mifalot Education and Society Enterprises

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Mifalot – education and society enterprises, is the largest and most diverse organization in the Middle East that uses sports as a platform for social change. Mifalot was founded in 1997 by the then owners of F.C. Hapoel Tel Aviv. In Israel we reach out to over 30,000 beneficiaries annually in over 400 programs from varying demographic backgrounds, with a focus on underserved peripheral communities.

Our educational sports programs are designed to be life-changing: through our programs children, adolescents and adults develop essential social skills and behavioral norms. We attune each program to the specific needs of the local community and the beneficiaries: some programs focus on stimulating self-efficacy, others on employability, whereas other focus on tolerance and coexistence. Following Mifalot’s growing experience in Israel and the Middle East, we’ve come to understand that our know-how is worth sharing world-wide.

The fundamental basis of all our programs is simple: use the fun of playing sports to learn life skills valuable far beyond the (sports) field.
Mifalot’s programs are all about playfully developing personal life skills and gaining social understanding. With life skills we refer to personal development in sense of responsibility, leadership and collaborative (team) skills. With social understanding  we refer to the internalization process of behavioral norms, such as building team spirit, fair play, non-violence, tolerance of others, and volunteerism. Additionally through gameplay children gain understanding of the importance of physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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