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Vivacom Arena - Georgi Asparuhov Stadium

ulitsa Todorini kukli №47,

1517 район Подуяне,

Sofia, Bulgaria

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PFC Levski

PFC Levski is a professional football club, which plays its games in the First League, the top division of Bulgarian football. Without even having a real football to play with, a group of boys from the Todor Minkov Metropolitan School of Sofia started the club in 1911 with a lot of enthusiasm and perseverance. It turned out later that these are still the club’s characteristics. During a constant period of war, the two years of relative peace in between was the moment to officially start the first real sport club in Sofia, with their structures, guides, teams and above all, the first games to play. The 26-time Bulgarian Champion found its name in the Bulgarian revolutionary and national hero Vasil Levski. The ”Apostle of Freedom” was seen as a model of courage, agility and heroism, of endless love for the people and readiness for sacrifice in the name of the people.

Levski has participated in more seasons of the Bulgarian football championship than any other team and is the only Bulgarian team who has never been relegated. On an international basis, Levski has reached three European Cup Winners’ Cup quarterfinals and two UEFA Cup quarterfinals. In 2006, they became the first Bulgarian club to reach the group stages of the UEFA Champions League.

Helping children with diabetes

Following its social commitment and participation in projects encouraging children to play sports, PFC Levski works together with the Rainbow Association, supporting children with diabetes. Levski and the association work together on the social programme for the prevention and treatment of insulin-dependent children with TYPE 1 diabetes by promoting the problems of children with the disease and providing opportunities for active sporting activities.

As part of the numerous joint activities, PFC Levski provides the Association with two places for children with diabetes in the preliminary preparatory groups of the Children’s and Adolescent School for the 2018/2019 sport year and each subsequent sporting competition year of their development in the respective age groups of JUST. A full training process will be provided for children under the guidance of licensed coaches at the VIVACOM Arena Georgi Asparuhov Youth Academy. PFC Levski also offers free tickets to home games for children of different ages with diabetes. Through the programme, the club and Touch a Rainbow association, deliver a social programme to include these children and to send a message to society that they are equal to everyone else and have equal access to the opportunity to train as normal kids.


Prevention and treatment of insulin-dependent children

Together with the Rainbow Association PFC Levski runs a social program for the prevention and treatment of insulin-dependent ...