5 EFDN Members make ECA CSR Awards Official Short List

1 September 2016

5 EFDN Members make ECA CSR Awards Official Short List

ECA Awards

EFDN would like to take this opportunity to congratulate 5 of our EFDN Members for being officially short listed for the 2016 ECA Awards Best Community & Social Responsibility Programme 2016 which will be held in Geneva on the 5th September 2016. Please find summaries of the fantastic work being carried out by our members which has seen them on the official short list of the ECA Awards

KAA Gent (Belgium) -“KAA Gent Homeless Blue White”

KAA Gent Homeless Blue White helps homeless people, refugees and people in rehabilitation of drug and/or alcohol addiction to build a network of social relations, in an environment with attention to physical and mental health. 65 participants took part in the programme last year.

BV Vitesse (Netherlands) -“Vitesse Hattrick”

The Vitesse Hattrick programme started in 2015, including three underlying projects: the Hattrick School, the Hattrick League and the Hattrick Academy. All the activities are executed in five poor neighbourhoods of Arnhem, and every neighbourhood delivers the same activities in their community. 200 participants are accounted on a weekly basis.

PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) “PSV United”

Reacting to the problem of vandalism and annoyance in some neighbourhoods of Eindhoven, the club developed a group focused programme for the youngsters in which their main interest, the football club PSV Eindhoven, is used as an instrument to achieve the pre-selected objectives. 100 children take part in the programme on an annual basis.

Vålerenga IF (Norway) -“Vålerenga Against Racism”

Fighting racism, Vålerenga Against Racism carries out a number of activities and projects that have improved integration, creating positive attitude, focus on Fair Play and increased activity levels for children, youth and adults in Oslo.

Aberdeen FC (Scotland) – Dementia Friendly Wellbeing”

Aberdeen FC proactively supports the elderly communities affected by dementia to take part in activities that matter to them, by involving those with dementia in decision making, planning, and evaluating. Aberdeen FC directly engages with and supports 151 people living with dementia or carers weekly.

EFDN wishes  KAA Gent, Aberdeen FC, BV Vitesse, PSV Eindhoven & Vålerenga IF all the best for the forthcoming ECA awards! The final winner will be announced on Monday 5 September.


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