Bayer Leverkusen staged Young Coach Education Programme in April 2017

19 April 2017

Bayer Leverkusen staged Young Coach Education Programme in April 2017

At the start of April 2017, Bayer Leverkusen staged the Young Coach Education Programme, which is a week of training for young people involved in football, with and without a disability. The programme follows the aim of providing the participants with coaching training and a qualification.

With the qualification, the young coaches will be able to coach children and deliver disabled football sessions.

The Young Coach Education Programme is based on an interactive and demonstrative learning concept, designed to sustainably empower committed young people as social role models. The Young Coaches are being encouraged to ultimately have a great positive influence on their societies and locally important social issues.

The Young Coach Programme is delivered by the Scort Foundation and the Football Club Social Alliance.



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