Big Hearts extend engagement for vulnerable people

11 May 2018

Big Hearts extend engagement for vulnerable people

Big Hearts, the charity of football club Heart of Midlothian, strengths its partnership with Care & Repair in Edinburgh, a charity providing a vital lifeline service to vulnerable people across the city. 

The social initiative provides practical support to allow older and disabled people stay safe, independent and comfortable in their own homes. The Big Hearts Community is connected to the local project in two ways from now. First, Hearts Chairwoman Ann Budge is the new Patron of Care & Repair Edinburgh.

“I look forward to working with Ann over the coming months and to strengthening even further our partnership with Big Hearts Community Trust”, said Louise Love, Chief Executive of Care & Repair Edinburgh.

Fans actively involved in partnership

Second, eight Big Hearts Supporters are currently volunteering with the charity, offering their do-it-yourself and technology skills to make a positive difference.  Within the past 12 months, they have already carried out close to 500 jobs for Care & Repair’s clients across Edinburgh.

“Our Big Hearts Supporters continue to make a significant difference to many in need across our community and I am glad to be joining them in a small way, by supporting such a worthy local charity”, underlined Hearts Chairwoman Ann Budge.

Hearts fans are involved in various social projects already since February 2016. Since then, the club launched a programme for the supporters which was the first of its kind in Scottish football. The programme seeks to use the time, skills and expertise of Big Hearts Supporters to make a significant difference to the most vulnerable within the local community. More than 200 supporters already have volunteered within the various charity partnerships.


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