Blackburn Rovers Community Trust takes on the vandals with school donation

13 August 2019

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust takes on the vandals with school donation

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust have chipped in to replace a range of vital school equipment that had been damaged or destroyed via a recent spate of vandalism. Lower Darwen Primary School on Milking Lane has been targeted by mindless trespassers in recent months, with a number of their outdoor facilities either broken or strewn with paint, placing them beyond repair.

Having heard about the sad situation, the  charity offered to step in and donate £500 of new equipment to the cause, meaning that the primary school could replace several bicycles, scooters, hula hoops and portable goals.

Amy Taylor, head of primary school education at the Community Trust, explained: “Nobody likes to hear that our local schools are under threat from mindless behaviour, so when we heard the extent of the problems that Lower Darwen Primary School has been facing on a repeat basis, we were keen to step in and help do something about it. “It’s only a small gesture towards replacing the overall value of the damage to fixtures, fittings and equipment, but we hope that the quality of the goods that we’ve been able to help secure will serve the school well for many years to come.

More than 50 projects

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust (BRCT) is an award-winning charity that continues the wonderful range of CSR activities that have been undertaken in the name of Blackburn Rovers Football Club for over three decades. The charity works on more than 50 different projects and enjoys over 50,000 annual engagements at present, focusing on its four key themes of education, health, social inclusion and sports participation, with a growing range of disability participation programmes offering an unofficial ‘fifth key theme’.



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