Bremen Families Spend Easter Holidays on Norderney

20 April 2017

Bremen Families Spend Easter Holidays on Norderney

At the beginning of the week, 10 families from Bremen joined a 10-days trip to the German island of Norderney, where they spent their Easter holidays filled with activities. The families are the lucky winners of the joint campaign “Holiday with heart” from WERDERBEWEGT-LEBENSLANG, the Ferienhausportal Traum-Ferienwohnungen and RadioEnergy Bremen.

Monday morning, 8:30 am, the team bus of SV Werder Bremen is waiting in front of the Weser Stadium. However, not for the club’s first team. Instead, it picked up the 50 lucky winners of a 10-days trip to Norderney, an island in the North of Germany.


Arrived on the island, the families were personally received by Mayor Frank Ulrichs and their hosts. Additionally, a little surprise was given to the guests in form of a welcome pack from Norderney’s bathing resort. The three cooperation partners in charge of the holiday organised a programme, which include a very wide range of activities, including walking, playing with the kids and barbecuing.

The first day was spent engaging in joint activities at the Park of Kap Hoorn. Moreover, there were many opportunities to discover the beautiful island by bike.

The ,,Ferien mit Herz” or “Holiday with heart” campaign is a joint action delivered by WERDERBEWEGT – LEBENSLANG, the CSR brand of the SV Werder Bremen, the Ferienhausportal Traum-Ferienwohnungen and the radio station ENERGY Bremen. Approximately 500 families had submitted their applications in order to take part in the holiday. The lucky winners were determined by chance and surprised on the radio. In the end, they got the unique opportunity to spend the Easter holidays in a holiday house near the North Sea.



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