Call for best practices – Let EFDN present your activities!

11 June 2021

Call for best practices – Let EFDN present your activities!

EFDN is planning to map and present best practices from football organisations throughout the next months. The best practices will be published in a dedicated handbook and on EFDN’s communication channels. Clubs, leagues and FAs can reach out to EFDN by handing in a short content form.

A best practice is an example of activities that can be implemented successfully in different environments. A best practice can include a successful project, initiative, campaign, technology, tool or event.

Do you want us to feature any of your activities in a best practice handbook? Have a look at the topics and criteria and contact us by handing in your form. We are mainly searching for best practices implemented by football organisations and/or their partners.


  • Health, physical activity and nutrition (activities for children and youth only)
  • Colour blind awareness in sports (all ages and sports)
  • STEM Education (activities for children and youth only)
  • Integration and employability of refugees (all activities)
  • Walking football (training exercises and social activities)

Hand in your best practice

Download our best practice form here and send it back to Project Manager Lewis Walker ( until 30 June 2021. Please add related photos in high resolution (1MB or more) and logos. Thank you for your support.


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