Chelsea Foundation goes back to school with the Premier League Inspires programme!

24 January 2022

Chelsea Foundation goes back to school with the Premier League Inspires programme!

The Chelsea Foundation and Premier League Inspires programme returned to schools this month. Working across five schools as part of the Premier League Inspires programme, each team were tasked with creating a social action plan to tackle and address environmental sustainability.

The team with the most impactful social action plan will be given the opportunity to represent Chelsea at the national Premier League Inspires competition. This is following a successful first half of the school year for the Inspires programme, where the foundation engaged with over 200 students across six schools.

The aim of the programme is to use the appeal of the Premier League and Chelsea to engage participants at risk of not reaching their potential as they move through the education system. At Chelsea, they do this by developing key skills to support them digitally and online, through increasing their confidence and attitudes towards learning when being exposed to increased digital engagement and subsequent cyber-risks.

As part of the Inspires programme, they also deliver a range of workshops around female empowerment, mental health and well-being and LGBTQI+ awareness. Next steps for Chelsea Foundation includes establishing an LGBTQI+ youth voice session at The Winston Churchill School, a local partner school in Woking.

Isaac Keighley, Chelsea Foundation’s education officer, said:

“It’s been brilliant to see the excitement that has been created by the Premier League Inspires programme! All the groups are eager to impress and create the most impactful social action as possible – with a wide range of innovative ideas. The highlight for me is seeing how much each student’s confidence has increased and how they are all now sharing their ideas, with clear leaders developing within each group.”

Valeria, a student taking part in the programme, added:

“I have enjoyed being part of a team because I don’t always feel like that. I have learned a lot during the lessons, particularly about bullying and cyber-bullying.”


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