Club Brugge offers study location during final exam period

20 December 2021

Club Brugge offers study location during final exam period

For students, the Christmas period also means the final exam period again. Club Brugge, together with the Supporters Federation, has given students a helping hand by opening up the Extra Time room in the north stand of the Jan Breydel Stadium as a place to study during the coming Christmas break.

Studying together provides structure and motivation

True to tradition, Brugge Studentenstad also provides various locations this winter where students can study together in a safe environment. During the final exam period, hundreds of Bruges students make use of this offer. On the one hand because it offers them structure and motivates them to study in the company of others, and on the other hand because it provides them with a quiet place to study in case that is not the case at home. Because of the corona measures, the students have to sit at a sufficient distance from each other. As a result, the capacity at these traditional study locations is more limited than in previous years and they are currently already well filled. To help out, Club Brugge, together with its Supporters Federation, is making the Extra Time room in the north stand of the Jan Breydel Stadium available to 50 students to study together from 20 December to 9 January.

“City continues to invest in study locations” – Mayor Dirk de Fauw

Mayor Dirk De fauw: “Even since the coronavirus has had its grip on society, the city has continued to invest in study locations. During the lockdowns, for example, it was possible to block off locations that were normally reserved for events, such as the city halls and the MaZ. Now there are fewer restrictions and therefore fewer locations are closed. For example, meetings and workshops can still take place in the Xaverianen community centre.

Also, the capacity of the regular study locations, such as the reading room of main library Biekorf and The Student Village, is still halved because of the distance rules. So there is a regular lack of space. This is especially the case during the Christmas holidays when many young people from Bruges, who usually live in digs, come home for the holidays.

“Club gives students a helping hand” – Alderman student city Mathijs Goderis

Thanks to the support of third parties, the City can still make enough places available during the Christmas holidays and in January. Alderman for Youth and Bruges Student City Mathijs Goderis: “In Boeverbos Provincial House students can go to the staff canteen during the weekend. De Snuffel will open its multipurpose hall and the Sint-Michiels movement will open the Agape hall.

Club Brugge also wants to do its bit and give students a helping hand during the final exam period. From 20 December to 9 January, fifty students can take a seat in the supporters’ canteen Extra Time to study in peace and quiet.

“We also support the students” – Head of Foundation Peter Gheysen:

This commitment fits in with the values of Club Brugge as a football team. The objectives of Club Brugge Foundation state that Club Brugge wants to be more than a football club and a stadium more than a building. Club Brugge wants to be an open, accessible and warm team which brings people together. Stad Brugge is therefore pleased to be able to add Club Brugge to its extensive list of study locations.

“Our slogan ‘No Sweat/No Glory’ certainly also applies to the students: after hard work and good studies, results are sure to follow. Together with our Supporters Federation, we are happy to make the accommodation in the Extra Time available as a study location, so that in addition to supporting our Club, we can also encourage the studying youth to ‘Bluvn Goan’ during this block period”, says Peter Gheysen, Head of Foundation at Club Brugge.


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