EFDN member of the month – July 2024

8 July 2024

EFDN member of the month – July 2024

We are back with a new EFDN Member of the Month announcement! This July, we are delighted to announce Juventus FC as our Member of the Month, accompanied by an interview with their Sustainability team, formed by Greta Bodino, Chief People, Culture & Sustainability Officer, Felice Fabrizio, People & Sustainability Manager and Ester Papa, Sustainability Specialist.

This initiative aims to showcase the outstanding efforts of our member clubs, leagues or FA’s honouring their dedication to using football for positive change in tmorheir communities. Each month, we select a deserving member organisation based on its leadership, innovation, and impact on social responsibility. The chosen member gains exclusive visibility across our network and beyond, allowing their inspiring work to be recognised and celebrated.

To celebrate Juventus FC’s nomination, Greta Bodino, Felice Fabrizio and Ester Papa accepted our invitation for an interview, enabling us to discover the remarkable experiences as well as their personal stories and initiatives that led to the club being selected as the EFDN Member of the Month.

A short introduction to the Sustainability team

Juventus Sustainability Team is part of the Club People, Culture & Sustainability Department, led by Greta Bodino, Chief People, Culture & Sustainability Officer, who joined Juventus in 2021. The team is formed by two more people: Felice Fabrizio, People & Sustainability Manager and Ester Papa, Sustainability Specialist.

What makes you smile in your role?

The awareness that a positive impact on society can be generated through our passion for football and Juventus, shared among millions of people. We are happy to drive initiatives that promote environmental and social responsibility within the community.

What inspired you to work in the CSR/ESG field and what made you interested in making a difference in the football industry specifically?

At Juventus, we believe that football has the power to drive positive change in society. What inspires us daily in our work is the awareness of the importance of every single gesture. We are firmly convinced that by inspiring our fans towards a culture of sustainability, many small gestures can make a huge difference. At the same time, we believe that if we want to inspire our fans, this change must start with the people who work in the Club on a daily basis, leading by example. Therefore, our passion for sport and sustainability aligns seamlessly with the club’s vision to embed ESG principles into every aspect of our operations.

What core values guide your organisation’s work, and how do you ensure your initiatives have a lasting impact?

Juventus’ sustainability journey began over 10 years ago, and since then, the Club has launched numerous impactful projects. This year, we have developed a new ESG Strategy (“black, white & more”) to address current and future sustainability challenges. It’s formed by six core capitals, divided in the following categories: environmental, social, governance.

What’s your favourite project?

It’s a dilemma because there are many projects we care about; one of those we are very fond of is the Juventus programme dedicated to people with mental and relational disabilities: our paralympic teams. It stands out because it focuses on inclusivity, providing opportunities for those who often face significant social barriers.

Thanks to a very outstanding local partner, A.S.D. Nessuno Escluso, we built up a structured and supportive environment where participants can engage in football, fostering not only physical and mental well-being but also social interaction, teamwork, and personal growth. The Juventus programme dedicated to people with disability highlights the club’s commitment to promote diversity and inclusion.

Can you share a memorable story that showcases the positive impact of your organisation’s work?

We think the whole programme is a memorable story because there are so many noteworthy moments over the past seven years. What stands out the most is how people, previously marginalized by the limitations of their diseases, have experienced transformative changes in their lives, thanks to this initiative.

For instance, one of the memories has been seeing participants take their first-ever flights and embark on journeys, something that seemed unimaginable before. For many, this has been a profound experience, symbolizing newfound freedom and possibilities beyond their previous constraints.


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