EFDN welcomes new member Olympique Lyonnais

8 May 2019
Ma Chance, Moi Aussi - Olympique Lyonnais Fondation

EFDN welcomes new member Olympique Lyonnais

EFDN is delighted to welcome OL Fondation, the charity of Olympique Lyonnais, as a new member to the network. Olympique Lyonnais / OL Fondation are now the third French club in the network and they have been working for over 10 years supporting the development of public interest projects in their local region.

Through the OL Fondation and the club’s ‘sOLidarity’ fund, multi-year partnerships have been set up in the areas of sport for social inclusion, education, healthcare, employment and support for amateur sports. These two funds contributed more than €1.8 million during the 2017/18 financial year to these projects. In addition to the financial commitment, the club supports non-profit organisations by helping them to build a network and throwing a spotlight on their projects. An operational team has been put in place, in order to carry out all the projects and organise the partnerships with the various OL Fondation collaborators.

Olympique Lyonnais Fondation Board of Directors

The OL Fondation relies on the skills and legitimacy of local associations or NGO’s. It strives to establish long-term partnerships to optimize the impact of their social projects. Furthermore, the OL Fondation mobilises Olympique Lyonnais male and female players and staff, as well as the club’s partners, to highlight the projects and help them create new partnerships.

For the 2018-2021 cycle, OL Fondation has chosen to support three major projects. You can find more information about the programmes and activities of OL Fondation on the EFDN member page.


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