4TH EFDN PRACTITIONERS’ GUIDE: Player involvement in CSR

25 November 2018

4TH EFDN PRACTITIONERS’ GUIDE: Player involvement in CSR

EFDN is proud to present its 4th EFDN Practitioners Guide focusing on Player Involvement in Community and Social Responsibility. In order to create this Practitioner’s Guide, EFDN conducted research within the EFDN and has worked alongside our member clubs, former and active players and has received valuable input from the PFA, FIFPro and research by the Norwegian Players’ Association (NISO).

This guide presents best practices and explains how clubs, leagues and FAs can engage players in their CSR work. Involving a player can have a huge impact on a project or programme of the club and the player. Therefore it is of great importance that the experience is good for everyone: the player, the club and the beneficiaries. The aim of this practitioner’s guide is to assist clubs, Leagues and FAs in creating a positive experience when involving a player in their CSR projects.

You can download the EFDN Practitioners’ Guide: Player involvement in CSR on the EFDN Online Learning Platform.


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