EFDN welcomes FC Eindhoven to the Network

8 June 2023

EFDN welcomes FC Eindhoven to the Network

Dutch second-division side FC Eindhoven and its FCE Foundation wants to show that even a small football club can deliver great projects with a lot of impact. Being the last league champions before professional football started in the Netherlands, in 1954, FC Eindhoven is looking forward to collaborating with other members within the Network, as ‘we all serve the same social purpose’.

EINDHOVEN, 09-03-2022. FC Eindhoven AV Clinic. Stadium of Eindhoven, Jan Louwers Stadion, Dutch Keukenkampioen Divisie football season 2021-2022. FCE Foundation Special Talents & Only Friends.

FC Eindhoven wants to be an accessible club where everyone can quickly feel at home, regardless of age, background, gender or football talent. Their mission is: there is no unused talent in Eindhoven and the Kempen region. In addition, the club will be more visible and, above all, do more for the Eindhoven resident. To really get a place in the life of this Eindhoven resident, FC Eindhoven wants to enter the neighborhoods and districts with activities, initiatives and events, so that people can be helped. The club realizes this through the FCE Foundation.

The FCE Foundation focuses on children and young people. In addition to the untapped talent:

  • People with a distance to the labor market
  • People who are (temporarily) in a difficult position
  • People who feel they are ‘on the sidelines’ and do not know how they can capitalize on the opportunities that exist in the Brainport region around Eindhoven.

The projects are solved under three pillars: Healthy, Happiness and Equal. Any initiative, activity or event established by the FCE Foundation is under one of several of these interrelated pillars.

• Healthy – Both physically (exercise, healthy lifestyle, nutrition) and mentally (feeling good about yourself, self-confidence, team play, perseverance)

• Happiness – Everyone is ‘entitled’ to fun and a (social) network, the FCE Foundation offers concrete help to people who could use a helping hand

• Equal – Every person has talent, and the club wants to help those who are at risk of being left behind to develop their opportunities and talents

Hubert Rovers, CEO of EFDN: ”I’m happy to announce FC Eindhoven as new Dutch member of the Network. They show within their Brainport region that they are a club open to everyone and willing to boost people’s talent in all kinds of ways. They deliver a lot of health programmes to improve the lives of young and old people in the greater Eindhoven area. I’m sure we can help each other to make even more steps on different ESG topics.”


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