EFDN welcomes KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation to the network!

14 December 2022

EFDN welcomes KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation to the network!

EFDN is happy to announce that KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation has joined the Network. The KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation is the catalyst in creating winners off the pitch. They help people rise above themselves.

Fundamentals FRZA! Foundation

F, for Focus on Talent Development. Initiatives where people discover and can develop talents in a stimulating environment.

R, for Reintegration. Projects where they actively work on pathways where people reintegrate into society.

Z, for Self-reliance and Autonomy. Initiatives where they increase people’s self-reliance, enabling them to be stronger in life and move around.

A, for Active participation in society. The final piece, you could say, given that the previous three steps co-result in a person or group making an active contribution to society.

Discover below some of KRC Genk Frza! Foundation’s CSR Activities:

Welzijnscup – Welfare Cup

Throughout the season, 160 children and teenagers from different institutions play a football competition against each other.

They play every Wednesday afternoon on the grounds and in the equipment of KRC Genk. The participants learn to deal with winning and losing, respect for each other and the opponent, teamwork and keeping to agreements.

On the other hand, “being allowed to play football at KRC Genk” is included in the daily operation in the institutions and the children see this as a reward.


There are talents dormant in every young person that can flourish, for some it is necessary to provide additional opportunities to do so.

TALim wants to offer some of them those opportunities. For three years, these young people will go through a varied programme every Saturday during the school year. In the process, together with volunteers and guest teachers, they discover what ‘later’ can be all about.


2021: 36 motivated teenagers from Genk participated in the pilot project

2022: 35 students returned for the second year (97.3%)

KRC Genk Younited

Whether it’s the warmth of the dressing room or the adrenaline on the pitch, the intoxication of victory or the sadness of defeat: at KRC Genk Younited, they share ups and downs. Their players find more than just teammates in their team, they also find a home there.

Regardless of origin, age or walk of life, the feeling of stepping into a dressing room and finding a home there is universal. It gives wings to the players of a Younited team, they find there they have a positive identity and energy to give their lives a new direction.

Building self-confidence, developing a better self-image, starting from one’s own strengths and abilities, bringing structure back into one’s life, the strength of the group and the feeling of belonging somewhere: this is what the coaches of Younited teams want to offer their players. Taking the first step towards a new beginning.

Football is just a tool, but what a tool. No sport has such broad support. Younited Belgium has been around for 11 years and in that time span has built up a lot of experience.

At the KRC Genk grounds, several men and women train every week under the expert guidance of KRC Genk.

Employment project

With the employment project, they try to guide unemployed people from the region, often without an immaculate past (criminal record), in a path towards a second chance in society and on the job market. A great motivation for the candidates here is the strength of KRC Genk.

A limited group starts a trajectory at KRC Genk, where they are employed as volunteers in the car park at home games. They also receive job interview training, learn how to deal with a group. In this way, they train working values such as punctuality, teamwork and respect.

After the course, there is an evaluation moment. The four most suitable candidates are given the opportunity to prove themselves as temporary workers for three months. Candidates who prove themselves of value have the chance of a new temporary job and can progress to more.

Hubert Rovers, CEO of EFDN: “It is a pleasure to welcome KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation to the network. It is motivating to witness a foundation performing such a variety of activities for its community. Activities range from bike lessons to an employment project that offers people a second chance in society and the job market. They tap into almost every societal problem which leaves almost no person untouched in their community through their inspiring projects. I am sure the network will offer them a platform to expand their activities as well as a platform to share their knowledge.”


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