EURO 2020: EURACTIV checks on climate impact

9 June 2021

EURO 2020: EURACTIV checks on climate impact

The 16th edition of the European football cup starts in June with a one-year delay due to the COVID-19 crisis. With growing attention being paid to the climate impact of spectator sports, our GREENFOOT project partner EURACTIV looks into how green this edition will be.

EURACTIV is an independent pan-European media network specialised in EU affairs, established in 1999. The aim of the network is to spark and nourish policy debates among stakeholders, including government, business and civil society. They cover policy processes upstream of decisions, summarising the issues without taking sides.

EURACTIV has created a special report on the impact and stadia of EURO 2020 which can be downloaded here.

You can find all articles also on the EURACTIV website.


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GREENFOOT will develop and implement a community-based financing scheme for renovating stadiums, practice facilities, and related buildings (e.g. team headquarters, fitness centres) with energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RES) measures. The GREENFOOT concept is to finance sport building EE renovations and RES installations with crowdfunding schemes that propel Europeans to become active participants in the energy transition through their love of sports and their favorite teams. Read more here.


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