FC Midtjylland provides unique experience for children

21 May 2019
FC Midtjylland final

FC Midtjylland provides unique experience for children

More than 36 children from less fortunate families saw FC Midtjylland winning the Danish Cup Final on May 17th. The visit was organised by the FC Midtjylland’s social responsibility organisation, FCM Samfund, and was supported by their local sponsors.

From the Central and Western Region of Jutland, home of FC Midtjylland, the children went by bus to the national Danish football arena Parken in Copenhagen to watch their favourite team taking the trophy after a dramatic match against Brøndby IF which finished 1-1 in normal time and saw FC Midtjylland triumph on penalties. None of the children had ever had the opportunity to be in the stands for an important final game before.

FCM Samfund were thankful to their sponsors for supporting them in inviting the children and their families to the game and give them a unique experience. Through the unity, strength and joy of sports, FC Samfund aims to make a difference for people of all ages in its region.

“Together we won the trophy and seeing the excited and happy faces of these children made it a perfect day for all of us”, says Berit Schultz Thynebjerg, Coordinator, FCM Samfund.

Through its Community Trust, FCM Samfund, FC Midtjylland cultivates and celebrates unity and wants to create well-being and togetherness. It is their very clear goal to create an increased quality of life by helping and motivating people to reach their life goals.


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