FC Midtjylland uses Europa League to promote FCM Samfund

8 August 2019

FC Midtjylland uses Europa League to promote FCM Samfund

FC Midtjylland’s players will wear special shirts with the logo of the club’s CSR department FCM Samfund during the important Europa League match against Rangers on Thursday. Both clubs are EFDN members. 

According to UEFA rules, players on the back can wear a logo for an approved, non-profit and apolitical organization.  After teaming up with UNICEF during the club’s last European campaign in 2015, FC Midtjylland uses now the chance to promote its own community activities. In collaboration with local companies such as ALPI, DK Company and West Jutland’s Insurance, FCM Samfund is developing projects aimed at improving the quality of life for both children and adults throughout the Midwestern region surrounding FC Midtjylland. Among other things, by supporting and moving people to achieve their life goals.

Nominated for the More than Football Award

Most recently, FCM Samfund weight loss project “Lose and Win” has been selected for the initial long list of the More Than Football Award. In addition to losing weight through football and fitness, “Lose and Win” is also about social inclusion. During the project, the more than 500 participants have together gained a total weight loss of 1,750 kg and have lost 2,800 cm in their width. Many of the participants have become active in the local clubs and associations and have established new and important networks in daily life.

“Football and sports have a unique ability”

FC Midtjylland players wear the FCM Samfund logo with pride on Thursday evening. The club’s vice-captain Erik Sviatchenko, who previously played for Rangers opponent in the Scottish league, Celtic, said: “During my time at Celtic, I was also part of the club’s CSR work. Football and sports have a unique ability to bring together people across cultures, languages ​​and social status, and can therefore be an important lever for people – and thus for society as a whole. I am proud to run on the field with a logo for an important cause like FCM Society on the back.”


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