FC St. Pauli uses AI to provide its supporters access to the home page

23 May 2023

FC St. Pauli uses AI to provide its supporters access to the home page

In addition to the match report in plain language, FC St. Pauli will add more messages that will appear on the homepage in plain language.

For more than a year now, a group of volunteers has been translating every match report of the professional team into “plain language”, thus enabling people with low reading skills in the German language to follow the sporting events at FC St. Pauli. A few days after the match, the text translated from everyday language appears on the homepage.

In order to make even more information accessible to these people without barriers in the future, further messages are now being translated – such as the pre-match report and the message at the press conference for the upcoming match day. These texts will follow immediately after the publications from everyday language to “simple language”. The texts are translated by an automated process using “artificial intelligence”. As they are not subsequently checked by the target group, the label “Simple Language” will be used instead of “Leichte Sprache”.

“We are working on identifying and removing more and more barriers. Our reporting and communication is an important lever in this. New technologies can support us and our team of volunteer experts in making even more content accessible.”

Reyk Sonnenschein, Inclusion Officer at FC St. Pauli

The translation quality of the new technology was tested by the volunteer experts and found to be good. Within the club’s NOT PERFECT BUT BETTER strategy, accessibility is an aspect of the field of action “culture”. Accessibility does not only start on match day in the stadium, but must also enable everyone to participate as much as possible in the events at FC St. Pauli.


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