FC Twente- Scoring in the Community joins EFDN

9 February 2021

FC Twente- Scoring in the Community joins EFDN

EFDN is proud to announce that FC Twente and its foundation “Scoring in the Community” have joined the network as the 100th club member. Our new member wants to grow its international network, collaborate and participate in Pan-European projects and promote the development of the competencies of its staff while sharing knowledge and experiences from delivering community projects for more than 15 years.

FC Twente is a football club from the east of the Netherlands whose club policy is based on three pillars: Pride, Ambition and Solidarity. Solidarity lies at the core of how FC Twente converts social involvement into actionable steps. With active participation, FC Twente Foundation aims at omptimising the current operations in a continous process. To achieve this, it’s important that the foundation maintains its creative and unique approach. Thereby ensuring that the combined efforts are aligned to create the maximum impact in the region to reach the goal to further improve the daily lives of people who have had a setback in life and are in need of support – that’s what Twente is all about.

Foundation FC Twente acknowledges participants’ individual circumstances, create individual opportunities and aim at increasing their quality of life. The diverse array of projects targets several groups, including children, young people, (lonely) elderly people, vulnerable families, people with intellectual or specific disabilities, refugees, ethnic minorities and (former) prisoners. 

Read more about the mission and the work of FC Twente and its foundation “Scoring in the Community” on their member page here and in their ‘Annual report of 2019′.


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