Fradi Fair Play Committee Holds First Meeting

5 October 2017

Fradi Fair Play Committee Holds First Meeting

At the Népliget headquarters of Ferencvárosi Torna Club, the first meeting of the recently established Fradi Fair Play Committee was held. 

At this meeting the members, goals, planned operations of the committee and the Fradi Fair Play Award categories, communication plan and decision process were all introduced and discussed.

The primary aim of the Fradi Fair Play Committee is to raise attention to Fair Play and the preservation of the so called “fradism”, its values and traditions, with special attention to morality, respect and violence, and doping-free sport. The committee aims to discover and recognize those members of FTC, who set a great example for the community, for Hungarian people.

The committee consists of nine members, with Dr. Gyarmati Andrea, swimmer, and Bácsi Péter, world- and 2-time European champion wrestler, as co-presidents. Besides, the club’s all-time president, in this case Kubatov Gábor, and COO, Nyíri Zoltán are also members. Further members: Méry Katalin, Customer Service Director at Telekom Hungary, Deregán Gábor, Secretary General at Hungarian Olympic Committee, Sas Sándor, multiple-time Paralympic athlete of FTC, Pap Gábor, President of FTC Sports Directorate, and Máté Bálint, International Project Manager of FTC.

“FTC received this year the Hungarian Olympic Committee’s Fair Play Award for the Fradi School Programme. This award confirmed that it was a great initiative to establish Ferencváros’ own Fair Play Committee” – started Nyíri Zoltán, COO of FTC.

“In the first meeting we modified the charter of the committee, so we can give out two awards every year. The first is the so called True Green-White Hero, which goes to a Ferencváros athlete who showed great character during the year. The Fradi Heart category goes to such private person or company, who supported FTC’s social initiatives. Today we asked the division heads to make their recommendations until November 8.” – sair Nyíri Zoltán, COO.

“It is a pleasure to be a part of this committee. It is a fantastic feeling to be among such great athletes. We have a versatile group, with members both from the side of sports and sponsors. I liked that although we did not really know each other, we could think as a team from the first minute and I left in the end as if we have known each other for long. I am looking forward to the next meeting on November 14” – said Méry Katalin, Customer Service Director at Telekom Hungary.

The next meeting of the committee is held November 14, where the members select the two Fradi Fair Play Award winners.


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