Saints Foundation’s Generation Gains inspires senior member

8 February 2018
Generation Gains

Saints Foundation’s Generation Gains inspires senior member

Saints Foundation recently had a talk with Mollie Garside, the forefront member of Saints Foundation’s Generation Gains programme. The conversation addressed the questions what Mollie experienced as a positive benefit from the programme and how it has inspired her to helps others.

Improving health & social life

Mollie Garside, 93, has been one of the most active members of the Generation Gains programme for almost a year. She has been attending two Generation Gains sessions a week, and that has brought her remarkable results on her health and her social life.

“I’ve noticed a lot of changes in myself in the last year. I feel fitter and stronger, and the sessions are helping me keep mobile.”

“My social life has also improved because of Generation Gains, it’s really helped keep me going at the end of my life after I have been lucky enough to do so much already.”

Inspiring the others

The programme has also motivated her to continue being an inspirational member to the others.

“I’ve also been trying to encourage others to come as much as possible.”

“I always do my best to talk to people if I know they live by themselves, and make them feel as involved as possible.”

This has brought great joy to Mollie, as she said it herself:

“Seeing people at the sessions who might not get to talk to anyone else makes me feel useful and valued.”

She also felt lucky to have been able to attend several events, meet the lovely people at Saints Foundation, “who all do an amazing job”, and other inspirational people who have been supported by Saints Foundation as well.

Future plans

Although she has been unwell recently, she plans to get back to attending Generation Gains sessions like usual after getting better. “[…] The thought of being able to get back to doing that has kept me going.” Mollie says. “I want to keep going as long as I can, and continue to inspire and support others in whatever way I can.”

“Being involved with Saints Foundation and Southampton Football Club makes me really happy, and gives me something to look forward to every week.”

Saints Foundation’s Generation Gains programme specifically works with isolated older people over the age of 65, helping them with things such as their core stability, tackling early onset dementia and offering a wide-ranging activity programme for them to engage in.

For more information about Saints Foundation’ Generation Gains, please click here.


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