We are happy to announce the speakers of Day 2 of the 9th EFDN Conference

3 November 2017

We are happy to announce the speakers of Day 2 of the 9th EFDN Conference

4 more days until the 9th EFDN Conference what is sure to be an engaging, informative and enjoyable two days. 

A range of speakers have been invited that will bring their expertise to our gathering. As foundation or organisation coordinators and leaders, they bring valuable knowledge, perspectives and ideas to share with one another.

We are delighted to present today the second round of speakers that will give presentations or facilitate breakout sessions at the 9th EFDN Conference.

‘UNDP’ United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Nordic Representative Office

lojThe Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The SDGs work in the spirit of partnership and pragmatism to make the right choices now to improve life, in a sustainable way, for future generations. This presentation, that will be given by the UNDP Nordic Representative Office will introduce the SDG’s and provide examples of how sport organisations bring their CSR programmes in line with the SDG’s. Additionally, the presentation will provide knowledge on how European football can contribute to making people, such as their fans, more aware of the SDG’s.

AFCCT ‘Dementia Friendly Communities – Doing the right thing’ – David Smith & Ally Prockter

Dementia Friendly Communities AFCCT has recently received the European Club Association Best Communit56y & Social Responsibility Programme Award 2017, this presentation will outline the humble beginnings of the idea and the significant impact working with dementia groups has had on participants, partners and AFCCT. The speakers will explain the intervention hylmethods used, the people and partners that they work with, and the many benefits associated with this important area of work. The presentation will be given by David Smith who is responsible for leading on Wider Community Engagement activities encompassing all ages from 3 to 100+ at AFCCT and Ally Prockter, CEO of the Community Trust.

Ferencváros TC ‘Fradi School Programme’ – Balint Mate

Although Ferencváros TC has more than 1.7 million supporters, it hardly managed to engage the generation born in the 21st Century. However, within 2 years an 12international project, the Fradi School Programme, became the flagship youth project of the club and provided a valuable tool to reach out to the 6-18 year old age group with an important social messages. Balint is working for Ferencváros TC, the most popular multisport club in Hungary since 2013. Besides coordinating the club’s CSR activities, he is responsible for strengthening the club’s international relationships and its presence in international organisations.

Links Park Community Trust ‘Ask not what your Community can do for you…’ – Peter Davidson

Montrose FC are a small club with a big heart. The club, aware of it’s responsibilities towards the well-being of 11those in their locality, supported the development of Links Park Community Trust. In his workshop, Peter Davidson will provide an insight into the work of Links Park Community Trust, and the impact it has on addressing health and social inequalities in their locality. Peter Davidson is the Chief Executive of the Trust and has recently joined the Board of Directors at Montrose FC.

FARE ‘Tackling Racism in European Football’ – Claudia Krobiztsch

The Fare Network is an international umbrella organisation of NGO’s, activists, minority groups and football organisations who are9 committed to combat discrimination in football and use the sport to promote social inclusion. The session will look at Fare’s work and explore opportunities for clubs to cooperate with Fare as part of their CSR work.

Claudia Krobitzsch is Programmes Co-coordinator at the Fare network. She coordinates Fare’s annual programme and manages the Football People action weeks.

IF Elfsborg ‘We Together’ – Jan Ryrlén

In this Breakout Session, Jan Ryrlén, who started developing the CSR approach of IF Elfsborg in 2009, will 8give an overview of IF Elfsborg’s Social Responsibility Strategy ‘We Together’, which is based on the three pillars; Camp Elfsborg, Social Responsibility and Supporter Relationships. The presentation will set a focus on IF Elfsborg’s employment programme,. In that context he will also address the club’s cooperation with the Swedish League and other Swedish football clubs.

Vitesse Works ‘Vitesse Works’ – Martijn de Wild

The ‘Vitesse Works’ programme started in 2015 and aims at supporting unemployed people in improving their education or employment prospects. Vitesse Works provides education, employment and training 7opportunities for young people that are currently in employment, receiving unemployment benefits and for asylum seekers from Eritrea. Martijn de Wild, presenter of the session, has worked for Vitesse Berokken since 2012. Now, as manager of the Vitesse foundation, he is responsible for all aspects of the foundation.

SCORT Foundation / FC Schalke 04 / Bayer 04 Leverkusen ‘A Global Partnership: why we do it ‘ – Marc-Andre Buchwalder, Sebastian Buntkirchen, Meinolf Sprink

5The presentation that will be given by Marc- Andre Buchwalder, Co-funder and CEO of the Scort Foundation, Meinolf Sprink who is responsible for the areas of Fans and Social Engagement at Bayer 04 Leverkusen and Sebastian Buntkirchen3 from FC Schalke 04 aims at the trainings programme approach of the Football Club Social Alliance that aims to empower young leaders in the areas of mental health and social change, to enable them to create safe spaces for children in the communities.

The presentation will showcase how member clubs ”the Alliance” ensure 8substantial support for young women and men who lack sustainable opportunities.

EFDN ‘Active Fans Europe’ – Hubert Rovers

In this presentation, Hubert Rovers, will introduce the Active Fans and the Healthy Football League programme. In January 2018, EFDN will collaborate with the Network Hubertmembers Fulham FC Foundation, Vitesse Betrokken, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Rangers Charity Foundation, Ferencváros TC, NEC Nijmegen, Feyenoord Rotterdam, KAA Gent and Valerenga Fotball to deliver a new Pan-European Erasmus+ funded Programme.

FC Barcelona Foundation ‘FutbolNet’ – Aisha Al-Said Albella

This presentation will focus on the FutbolNet programme that is being delivered by the FC Barcelona Foundation 1and focuses on violence prevention, fostering social inclusion and education through sport. FotbalNet has the object of providing support to children and young people by fostering integration and social cohesion for violence prevention by using sport as an education tool.

We are looking forward to an inspiring two days. 


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