Inter Campus presents results of Social Impact research

1 December 2021

Inter Campus presents results of Social Impact research

After almost 25 years of activity on the pitch, the Foundation started a process of data collection and evaluation, to find out the effectiveness of Inter Campus compared to the social goals. With the precious help of the Human Rights Department of the University of Padua, they selected a sample of 6 countries out of the 30 currently involved in the project and asked more than a thousand kids, with their coaches, families and caregivers, their opinion about the impact of Inter Campus in their life.

Today, with the scientific contribution of academic researchers, Inter Campus staff and some special guests, presented the results of their research at the Unversity of Padua.

If you are interested in their findings, you can watch the presentation given by Stefano Capellini and Juri Monzani at the 16th #EFDNConference. You can also read through the PDF document we have uploaded for you in the EFDN Resources.


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