Jayden Stockley visited the Aberdeen FC CT project “Torry United”

10 February 2017
Jayden Torry United 1

Jayden Stockley visited the Aberdeen FC CT project “Torry United”

Jayden Stockley, who plays as a striker for Scottish Premiership side Aberdeen FC, visited the Aberdeen FC Community Trust project Torry United at Torry Academy earlier this week for a Q&A session with the pupils.

Torry United is funded through participatory budget and was chosen by youngsters in primary 6 and 7 from Walker Road Primary School and Tullos Primary School and has been running since the start of the 2016-17 school term. The programme helps with the transition from primary school to secondary school by involving all 3 Torry schools in the programme. Up to 10 primary 6 or 7 pupils from Walker Road & Tullos Primary School are picked up from school by AFCCT coaches and walked up to Torry Academy where they are met by up to 10 1st year pupils.

The 1st year pupils are ‘Young Leaders’ and assist the coaches with the delivery of the session. All pupils take part in an educational session for 3:15pm – 4pm which is mainly based around healthy lifestyle choices but also tackles local issues.

The session is on a Monday afternoon as this is the highest rate of youth crime in the Torry area. All pupils then take part in an hour-long football session all about participation and fun. Jayden Stockley was on hand at this weeks session to present the children with their Torry United t-shirts, the designs were put together by the pupils.

For more information on the project, please email dean.mcbain@afccommunitytrust.org.


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