Juventus improving stadium access

11 March 2019

Juventus improving stadium access

Juventus FC and Hackability have begun a collaboration to create innovative solutions in order to make the club’s infrastructure more accessible for disabled people.

How can you make Allianz Stadium, Juventus Museum and Juventus Stores more accessible? This is the question that Juventus FC and Hackability are posing to their fans. The non-profit organisation, Hackability which specialises in social impact design, will work with the club to bring together the skills of designers, creators and digital artisans. They will collaborate with people who have disabilities to implement solutions to improve their experiences.

“We want to ‘hack’ the stadium, with effective ideas, that are simple and cheap to implement. Juventus has been extraordinary, showing a very rare sensitivity on the subject.” says Carlo Boccazzi Varotto of Hackability.

Last summer, Juventus sent out a survey to over 5,000 fans with disabilities, in order to co-create a new path towards better understanding and inclusion. Earlier this year, a call was opened specifically for them, in order to collect their ideas. After the first phase, there will be a selection this month, choosing between 20 and 30 ideas, based on ingenuity and, above all, feasibility. Three shadowing sessions will follow to define the most important needs before settling on 4 or 5 final solutions which will be implemented between May and June.

“We will work on devices and signage, simple and easily achievable solutions. But, as for any Hackability project, what matters is the process, the teamwork and the collective reasoning on what can and must be done for accessibility” explains Boccazzi Varotto.



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