Juventus FC joins EFDN

14 September 2018

Juventus FC joins EFDN

EFDN is proud to welcome Juventus FC as an official EFDN member. The club is the 2nd Serie A club that joins EFDN as the 60th official member of the network.

Juventus is one of the most famous and revered teams both in Italy and internationally. The club’s underlying purpose is to provide supporters with the highest level of enjoyment possible by continuing a winning tradition that has been established during a glorious history spanning over 120 years.

Without forgetting its history, Juventus has also the capacity to innovate taking on new challenges.

The club’s current redevelopment of its Sustainability and CSR strategy demonstrate this intention to open up to the future through a new approach, by creating value and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with its stakeholders.

The international cooperation with other EFDN members is part of this new strategy to enhance the quality and impact of the community programmes of the club.



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