KAA Gent Foundation wins Pro League+ Award

10 May 2019
KAA Gent award header

KAA Gent Foundation wins Pro League+ Award

Congratulations to our member KAA Gent Foundation who won the Pro League+ Award 2019 for the best Community Work in Belgium at the Gala of the Pro League earlier this week.

This prize is not only a trophy to put in the trophy cabinet but also a reward for all the employees and volunteers who work for the Foundation. General coordinator Wim Beelaert, received the award from Bert Ballegeer, coordinator of the Belgian Homeless Cup. It is the 4th time in six years that their social work has been rewarded with the highest honour.

KAA Gent Pro League+ Award winner

This most recent Pro League+ Award is the result of a vision that has been maintained for ten years: with and by KAA Ghent and in collaboration with the City of Ghent and the Supporters’ Federation, the KAA Gent Foundation is working with the connecting force of KAA Gent for the organisation of socio-sporting and socio-cultural initiatives, especially for people in Ghent who are struggling in their daily life. In addition, the stadium is used for non-profit initiatives, there is a broad public operation and within the framework of ‘Elk Talent Telt’, there is social and sporting cooperation with the youth operations of all Ghent football clubs.

Just like football, implementing programmes, organising activities, or promoting social initiatives is a team effort. From local authorities to educational institutions to healthcare organisations to football clubs, and many others, the Foundation did not forget to thank all their partners for their support and collaboration throughout the years.

To have an overview of the projects that the KAA Gent Foundation is running, see the video below, which is in Dutch but available with subtitles.



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