Lessons with Legia

15 April 2019

Lessons with Legia

4,000 primary school students have participated in ‘Lekcje z Legią’ (Lessons with Legia) classes so far.  

Launched in September 2017, ‘Lekcje z Legią’ is an original educational project of the Legia Foundation which combines science and football. The classes are held at the Legia Warsaw stadium and are targetted at children and teenagers aged 10 to 14 years. The project allows participants to learn ‘differently than at school’ and the compatibility between topics and the core curriculum ensures that the classes are relevant and bring results.

One of the teachers said: ‘It was a pleasure to see how the students endeavoured to answer the questions themselves. Going outside the walls of the school and participating in these classes had a very positive impact on them.’

Together with the participants, the Foundation wants to prove that knowledge is not something abstract, not an obligation, but a part of everyday life and that learning can even be a hobby. Thanks to this approach, children discover the joy of learning with the aim of these classes being to strengthen logical thinking, problem-solving and cooperation skills.

During the 90 minutes classes, participants work on two selected topics. The program includes topics such as mathematics, geography and vocational counselling. Students are encouraged to solve tasks, work in small groups, take part in quizzes, and use cards from popular card games to develop their imagination. The most popular topic is geometry, “I really enjoyed the geometry and cool movies and cool divisions at the tables. It was great fun! “- commented one of the participants.

In short, ‘Lessons with Legia’ are:

  • An innovative approach to developing various skills and acquiring knowledge
  • Learning methods using football
  • Mathematics presented in everyday life cases

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