LFC Foundation expands its reach in Dublin

25 January 2023

LFC Foundation expands its reach in Dublin

LFC Foundation has expanded its reach in Dublin by supporting and funding community delivery at three of the city’s biggest football clubs.

Thanks to a donation from a generous LFC supporting family who want to help communities in Liverpool and Dublin and wish to remain anonymous, the Reds’ charity is working alongside Bohemian FC, Shamrock Rovers FC and Shelbourne FC and, and part-funding a member of staff at each club to deliver community programmes in partnership with LFC Foundation.

LFC Foundation will also support each club with capacity building and programme development using their own staff and resources, as well as regularly visiting the clubs to ensure the sharing of best practice and monitoring the growth and impact of the programmes delivered.

“It’s fantastic to be working with the three Dublin clubs. The donation, which was made through our ‘Red Hearts’ programme, has given us an incredible opportunity to be able to encourage even more young people to get involved in their local community through sport.”

Matt Parish, chief executive of LFC Foundation

Last summer, the Foundation took a delivery team to Dublin and worked with over 300 young people from Bohemian FC, Shamrock Rovers FC and Shelbourne FC via their own community activation.

“We are delighted to be able to benefit from the donation made by a family to the Liverpool Foundation. This has assisted us in the hiring of our new full time Football for Social Responsibility Manager. Also, to work so closely with Liverpool Foundation staff, as we have done for the past six months, has enabled us to gain crucial insights and learnings from their social outreach activities in Liverpool which aim to combat similar issues faced by communities in Dublin.”

Dan Lambert, chief operating officer of Bohemian FC

“It has been a pleasure to work with the LFC foundation team to this point and we are grateful for their support in building further on the important community programmes in place at Shamrock Rovers.” 

Denis Donohoe, CEO at Shamrock Rovers

“Shelbourne FC is delighted to partner with LFC Foundation on this exciting initiative. We are most grateful for their very generous grant, and the opportunity to leverage the talent and resources of LFC Foundation.

Having spent time in Liverpool, I’ve been able to see first-hand the hugely impactful work LFC Foundation deliver across the city of Liverpool. Shelbourne FC is extremely excited about the opportunity to deliver similar programs in north Dublin, and to continue making a positive impact across our community.”

John McGouran, community officer at Shelbourne FC, talking on the new working relationship


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