LFC Foundation launches new Mental Health Programme – Sound Minds

21 June 2022

LFC Foundation launches new Mental Health Programme – Sound Minds

LFC Foundation has launched a creative new mental health programme called Sound Minds, which is designed to engage young people through the medium of music, sport and art.

It’s funded by the Signatur Programme, which is the umbrella name for The Karlsson Játiva Charitable Foundation’s work for the advancement of the art of music. 

Delivered in collaboration with professional music charity Amasing, Sounds Minds will teach young people from the ages of 8 to 21 years how to better understand and manage emotions and learn positive communication skills.

©LFC Foundation

All Sound Minds participants will take part in workshops and events designed to use the power of music, sport and art to feel better supported with their mental health, be more connected, less isolated, have a voice, and feel part of the LFC Family.

The programme will target three different groups of young people across the year, working with primary school children from six local schools including Faith, Gwladys Street and Pinehurst, helping them to make the transition from primary to secondary school by improving their confidence and self-esteem.

Sound Minds, which will deliver over 150 sessions across its first year, will also engage with young people with disabilities in the local community and university students from across Merseyside studying at Liverpool John Moores University, the University of Liverpool, and Edge Hill University to help them embrace change, feel connected and less isolated whilst at university.

To date Sound Minds programme has commenced delivery in four primary schools St Margaret’s, Faith, Gwladys Street Primary and Florence Melly and engaged with over 350 children who have all taken part in a bespoke song creation workshop.

“We recognise the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing and in particular the benefits of early intervention in young people. We have continued to invest in our mental health resource and provision over the past few years and as part of our ongoing commitment we now have a team of four specialist mental health staff, delivering multiple programmes across the community as well as hundreds of mental health and wellbeing workshops in schools across Merseyside.” (…)“The Sound Minds programme is another great addition to our delivery that will help us reach and support hundreds more young people.”

Matt Parish, Chief Executive of LFC Foundation

Within the session, the children learned about mental health and understanding emotions before taking part in a range of games and activities designed to give them the opportunity to express themselves through songwriting and singing. The ideas, lyrics and beats created by the children have been taken away to be turned into a unique song for each school.


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