Looking back at the first round of the Community Champions League with Club Brugge

15 December 2021

Looking back at the first round of the Community Champions League with Club Brugge

In the EFDN school project “Community Champions League“, the winter break has begun and the first round is over. The ideal moment to take a look back at how the teams of Club Brugge performed in the first half of the Community Champions League season!


Wednesday 15 September kicked off the season with a smashing kick-off event at the Sport Vlaanderen Brugge sports innovation campus. All participating teams could enjoy and taste different sports. Freerunning and archery tag, or rather panna football? There was something for everyone. Just like the teachers, the participating teams obviously enjoyed their Wednesday afternoon. A kick-off event – the ideal way to get to know the opponent and at the same time get the energy flowing!


After the kick-off, there were two weeks of impatient waiting for the first match day of the Community Champions League. On Wednesday 29 September, after a long wait, the school football competition was officially kicked off. Six of the seven school teams came into action that afternoon. In the end, there were three intense matches not only on, but also off the field. All players, coaches, referees and supporters deserve praise for their fine performances and commitment. Not only during the first match day, but all match days of the first round. To all participants, coaches and supporters, thank you for making it 7 sporty match days!


Besides sports, the schools and pupils also engage in social activities within this project. They do this by making community contributions, which in this round resulted in hours of voluntary work by the youngsters. These community contributions should encourage social cohesion and/or improve the local environment in the vicinity of the school. This can range from clearing away rubbish, to playing board games in the local residential care centre, to organising collection drives. Many teams went rubbish collecting for World Cleanup Day, and Halloween lights and dream catchers were made to give a helping hand to the local residents of the schools during the dark winter months. Creative actions that show how motivated and enthusiastic the Community Champions League teams are.


More than 500 volunteers form the beating heart of Club Brugge. Every day they are ready to help where they are needed. This includes the referees and match officials. Every Wednesday afternoon you can find them in the neighbourhood squares and playgrounds of the participating schools. With great passion, they teach the teams about fair play and respect, and how football is a game for everyone.


Finally, the club highlights the players of the A-core team. They have a full agenda, but they motivate the participating teams with a lot of fun and dedication. Simon Mignolet was happy to share his 5 best tips to become a top goalkeeper. But also Ellen Martens of Club YLA and Charles De Ketelaere had their say in the first round. They explained the importance of fair play and wished the teams the best of luck in their matches.

Besides all these videos, the youngsters could also learn from the professionals. Cisse Sandra and Charles De Ketelaere showed their best tricks with great pleasure. Practice and keep practising is the message.


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