More Than Football Award 2024 Longlist: Willem II Betrokken – Beweeg mee met Willem II

5 July 2024

More Than Football Award 2024 Longlist: Willem II Betrokken – Beweeg mee met Willem II

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is proud to present the Willem II Betrokken – Beweeg mee met Willem II project, which has been selected for the longlist of the More Than Football Award 2024.

Willem II Betrokken supports, guides and initiates social initiatives in Tilburg and environment, using the power and appearance of Willem II. Together with partners and through activities and projects, Willem II Engaged is committed to everyone in Tilburg and they positively influence society.

The initiative “Move with Willem II” fits very well within the main themes of participation and positive health. This project is inspired by the successful move breaks of Football Memories, another valuable project of Willem II Betrokken. With the strength and name of Willem II, they have a wide reach among the elderly, volunteers and trainers. The outcome of this is ultimately moving (extra) hundreds of elderly people.

“Move with Willem II” is carried out within various nursing and care homes in Tilburg and surroundings, because it is no longer possible for every older person to come to the stadium to move or go to other locations for a moment of movement, we come to them.

Customized movement sessions are offered to the residents of the homes. By moving with a group with appropriate moving activities, there is company, interaction, relaxation and fun!

Main project objectives

  • ⁠Have more elder people in Tilburg move (extra)
  • Let the elderly grow old as healthy as possible
  • Fighting loneliness by means of movement

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