Musco Lighting presents Mini-Pitch Initiative

8 April 2021

Musco Lighting presents Mini-Pitch Initiative

Eduardo Zamarripa will present Musco Lighting’s Mini-Pitch Initiative at the upcoming 15th EFDN Conference (13-14 April). The Mini-Pitch Initiative aims to take unused space, revitalise an area and allow for more playing opportunities in a community. The purpose of the initiative is to promote access and to make sure that kids that want a place to play, can have it. The Mini-Pitch System is a galvanized steel structure that is anchored onto a hard surface and it incorporates fencing, goals, benches and lights into a modular solution. It’s essentially a ‘mini-football stadium’ that helps connect a community through recreation.

Clubs, leagues and FAs can still request one ticket for free. Register now and meet Eduardo and other CSR-practitioners from across Europe online.

Win a branded mini-pitch!

The winner of the More than Football Award powered by Musco Lighting will not only receive recognition for having implemented the most innovative and impactful Community and Social Responsibility programme in European football, but they will also win a complete Mini-Pitch System™ modular sports solution. The club-branded mini-pitch will be developed in partnership among the winning organisation, EFDN and Musco.

The More than Football Award was introduced by EFDN to honour the best social initiatives in Europe delivered by a European club, League or FA and increase the visibility of the positive impact football has on society. Participate in the #Morethanfootball Action Weeks and receive the application form for the Award! Read more here.


  • The project needs to be promoted by the club, league or FA during the More than Football Action Weeks.
  • The project needs to be delivered by the club, league or FA and cannot be an external initiative that is supported by the club, league or FA.
  • The project must have a proven positive impact in the community.
  • The project can be replicated by different sized clubs, leagues and FAs in Europe.


22.03.2021 – Opening of the application process

06.05.2021 – Deadline for applications

10.06.2021 – Announcement of the longlist (10 organisations)

29.09.2021 – Announcement of the shortlist (4 organisations)

9.-10.11.2021 – Award ceremony at 16th EFDN Conference in Breda, the Netherlands

Register for the campaign and apply for the award here.


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