N.E.C. Nijmegen Electric wheelchair football participants sign contract

20 September 2022

N.E.C. Nijmegen Electric wheelchair football participants sign contract

What started as Thijs in den Bosch’s dream last year has become a reality as of today. The first N.E.C. Electric wheelchair football team has been formed and will start soon!

N.E.C. committed its first players for E-football yesterday. Under the watchful eye of press, councillors and other interested parties, the participants signed a contract yesterday at N.E.C. under the guidance of general director Wilco van Schaik. The opening word during the signing was provided by alderman Jean Paul Broeren.

The E-football team consists of eight participants who are wheelchair-dependent.

”N.E.C. is there for everyone and sport should be accessible for everyone. This is why we started wheelchair football, we are extra proud to be the first BVO in the Netherlands to be able to offer this and hope that many clubs follow us,”

Project Leader E-football Jop Pepping.

Last season, N.E.C. started the E-football project group after Thijs in den Bosch joined the Nijmegen club.

“Thijs is 10 years old, wheelchair-dependent and attends Sint Maartenschool. He is football-mad and would like nothing more than to be able to play football himself one day. To realise this dream, he and his mother made an appeal to Spieren voor Spieren (Muscles for Muscles). Via this route, this signal then reached the KNVB and thus N.E.C. and Uniek Sporten were also involved.”

Project Leader E-football Jop Pepping.

N.E.C. and Uniek Sporten have been working together in the field of adjusted sports for some time, with the joint ambition of creating an innovative offer for people with disabilities who currently have little or no opportunities for sports and exercise.


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