N.E.C. Social starts with N.E.C. Football

24 November 2022

N.E.C. Social starts with N.E.C. Football

From Saturday 7 January 2023, a module of N.E.C. Voetjebal will start. The youngest N.E.C. fans can then shine in a sporting environment!

Voetjebal is the Netherlands’ first special football playing concept for children aged two to five, using the power of football to develop a child’s potential. Toddlers and preschoolers are introduced to a ball for the first time in a structured way (together with a parent) during the Voetjebal lessons, focusing on play and fun.

Learning to move, moving to learn

Voetjebal is much more than a football playing concept. Besides focusing on football techniques, several basic developmental areas are addressed during the session. In a playful way, motor skills and coordination are improved and children learn to: name colours, count in sync and recognise symbols, among other things.

“We run many great projects at N.E.C. within the social department, however, we have not organised anything for the youngest target group before. By joining hands with Voetjebal, we can also introduce the youngest participants to football in a playful way. We are also creating fans of the future for our club.”

Jop Pepping, project manager of N.E.C. Voetjebal

From 7 January 2023, N.E.C. Voetjebal will start in the Heidebloemstraat gymnasium in Nijmegen. Here, N.E.C. Voetjebal modules of 10 45-minute Voetjebal lessons will be offered.


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