NAC joins the Breda “SummerviBes”

13 July 2020

NAC joins the Breda “SummerviBes”

NAC Breda has joined the municipality’s programme “SummerviBes”, the initiative that will involve local children and youngsters during the summer.

To help the many families that will not go on holiday this year, the municipality of Breda has launched SummerviBes, an initiative that involves many local organizations and includes more than 450 activities dedicated to young Breda residents aged 6 to 18 years.

Our member NAC Breda organises eight different activities across the city. Five of them will consist of the NAC Fundagen, a space where kids will be able to practice football or play on the inflatable NAC attractions.

On the 5th of August,  children will have the chance to take part in the NAC Kids Open Day. This special edition of the open day will provide children with unique insights into the stadium through an interactive treasure hunt. One week after that, kids will be welcomed again in the Rat Verlegh Stadium for a FIFA Tournament.

The summer period ends with the NAC Bus On Tour on Wednesday 19 August. During this activity, NAC supporters will take young people on the NAC player bus. The young NAC supporters will get a glimpse into the life of a real NAC player and supporter, the culture of Breda and the Rat Verlegh Stadium.

‘Many families do not go on holiday due to the corona crisis. In addition, many regular summer activities have already been canceled at an earlier stage. Now that more is possible, we as NAC Maatschappelijk would like to contribute to an unforgettable summer for children and young people in Breda. Together we have to make something beautiful out of it this year. That is why we have joined forces with partners with whom we work more often, such as the City of Breda, Breda Active, Surplus Welfare and Kick Breda. All activities also have a social touch. The NAC FIFA tournament will be combined with exercises and healthy nutrition and with the NAC bus on tour we make a connection with the culture sector. The activities are also suitable for children with disabilities,” said Project Coordinator Ilse Kleinjan.



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