NEC Nijmegen organised sports day for children with special needs

19 June 2019

NEC Nijmegen organised sports day for children with special needs

Nearly 300 students from special education in Nijmegen participated in Sport Heroes Challenge@N.E.C., organised by N.E.C. Maatschappelijk, the social entity of NEC Nijmegen, and its partners Unique Sports and Special Heroes. In cooperation with the sports providers from the entire region, 18 different sports were offered.

The concept was different in comparison to the former editions. Only non-competitive exercises were offered. Therefore, the children could discover a wide range of sports while having fun. “The limitations of the target group are diverse. The kids are hearing impaired, long-term sick, autistic or have behavioural problems, a learning disability or a physical disability. Today we hope to offer them a beautiful and sporty day at De Eendracht”, says Luc te Riele, manager of N.E.C. Maatschappelijk.

The event started with a joint warm-up. After that, the students were able to get to know different sports in small groups. Not only classical sports were present during this day, but also the more unfamiliar sports such as boccia, freerunning and capoe√Įra. Students from the university in Nijmegen have offered support and guidance to the groups of children.

Focus on children and youth

N.E.C. Maatschappelijk collaborates with both profit and non-profit organisations to make a difference in the life of our fans and inhabitants of Nijmegen and the region of Nijmegen. The projects and programs that are running are mostly for kids and youth and are taking place in the field of participation of minorities, health and well-being, awareness on discrimination, social-emotional development, sports for disabled, unemployment training and respect.



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