NEC Players and Staff visiting children at Amalia Children’s Hospital

12 December 2018

NEC Players and Staff visiting children at Amalia Children’s Hospital

A delegation from N.E.C. visited the children at the Radboudumc Amalia children’s hospital on Tuesday 19th of November. The Nijmegen club visited the children for the fourth consecutive year, where players, staff and children again made a great day out of it, where the kids could forget their illness.

The day started with a real kids’ conference, which was led by general manager Wilco van Schaik. During the kids press conference, the children could ask questions to Randy Wolters, Mart Dijkstra, Sven Braken and Rens van Eijden. For instance, the young panel asked whether the players have a girlfriend, who is the funniest person in the selection, what do they like about football and what their most embarrassing moment in the dressing room was. Wilco van Schaik’s question about the age of the players was the most hilarious one for the kids.

After the kids’ conference, it was time for the players to hand out signatures and some N.E.C. merchandise to the children, who couldn’t believe their luck as they were offered some great gifts, such as scarves, shirts and signatures. Some pictures were also taken, providing the children unforgettable memories from that special day. After handing out the souvenirs, a part of the squad accompanied their young fans to kick the ball, played table tennis or some other games with the kids. The other half of the players who came along stayed with the children who were forced to stay in their rooms, so they could also enjoy the visit of their N.E.C. idols.

Suzanne van den Heuvel, head of pedagogical care at the Amalia children’s hospital, appreciates the visit: “The visit of the team and staff of N.E.C. provides support to the children. It also distracts them from many heavy and difficult things they have to face on a daily basis.”

Luc te Riele, manager of the social department of N.E.C. declared: “For N.E.C., this annual phenomenon is one of the days that people look forward to. The possibility to do something for the children in the Amalia children’s hospital is something that is greatly cherished by the club. To give the children a carefree day and smile, that’s what we do it for”.


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