NEC & Radboudumc Amalia present the NEC Post Office

7 August 2017

NEC & Radboudumc Amalia present the NEC Post Office

Last Sunday, the yearly NEC Open Day took place. This year, the club, together with the children’s hospital Radboudumc Amalia had a very special surprise.

The cooperation partners presented a new project, the NEC Post Office.

Children that are in the hospital have from now on the opportunity to write direct letters to the NEC players and the technical staff. Each player and member of the club’s technical staff received their own pigeon hole. In this way, the children can write letters and cards and the players and staff members will be able to answer the letters.

On Sunday, the Post Office was presented by NEC director Wilco van Schaik, Kees Noordham as representative of the Radboudumc Amalia and Anass Achabar, player of NEC.

The club and the hospital have already a cooperation for years. The cooperation until now included yearly visits from the team and staff in the hospital. Instead of having a visit once a year, the children will now be able to get in contact with the players in a much easier way.

At the presentation of the NEC Post Office, Wilco van Schaik especially mentioned the effort of NEC Supporter and carpenter Andy Hooymayers and the support of Marvin Tepy, who assembled the Post Office.


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