New faces at the ADO Den Haag – Storks!

21 September 2022

New faces at the ADO Den Haag – Storks!

On Sunday 18 September, twelve players and two players from clubs and schools in the region signed their new contracts, officially becoming part of the ADO Den HaaG-Storks 2022-23. The meeting took place at the ADO Den Haag Youth Academy complex in Zuiderpark in the presence of sponsor Van Heugten Tours, players of the Under 21 and proud supporters. This committed them to all activities and matches in the Special Eredivisie for one season. Besides the contract signing, the programme included a pro test, the taking of player photos, a team photo by the players’ bus and a practice match with the ADO Den Haag OldStars.

“My son has been looking forward to this moment for two months now.”

A proud mother, at ADO Den Haag’s youth academy.

Yet it was not yet time, as the participants present first had to undergo a pro test led by physiotherapist Naomi. With various tests, the participants’ condition, reaction speed and strength were measured before they could sign their very first professional contract with the permission of the medical staff. By now, it had also stopped raining softly, but this was not to spoil the fun. With a lot of commitment, passion and focus, each player and performer underwent his or her test which resulted in a positive result for each individual.

Meanwhile, one of the classrooms at ‘De Aftrap’ had been transformed into a press room and, after a hot shower, the participants were welcomed with loud applause by the parents, carers and supporters present. On the tables was a personalised player’s bag containing their own water bottle, football, tracksuit, jersey and the ADO Den HaaG-Storks’ assignment booklet with which the participants can further develop themselves. After a presentation from the club, it was high time for ‘the moment of the day’. One by one, the players came forward in their favourite outfit to sign their first professional contract.

After the exciting moment, everyone had to regain their strength for a while. Lunch was enjoyed together in the canteen when O21 players Kai van Houwelingen, Kasper Vankan, Lloyd Hendriks and Karim el Fakiri also joined in. This gave the new G-Storks of ADO Den Haag room to ask the experienced youth players questions.

If, as a reader, you thought this was not enough surprises for one day, you are wrong. Main sponsor Tim van Heugten personally visited the club to meet the new players. The proud Daan walked up to him in his match shirt to say thanks from the team. Despite the weather, the players still walked down to the players’ bus, which was parked in front of the Stadsspelen Den Haag in the Zuiderpark. Still, the weather threw quite a spanner in the works, but there was no better place to take shelter.

After individual photos with the O21 players, the new team concluded with a practice match in which Theo, Ed, Ben, Simon, and Stef from the ADO Den Haag OldStars also took part. With some matchless attacks, great interceptions and fantastic goals, trainers Remco and Ronald had a positive first impression of the new group.

“A team we can compete with at the top!”

Head Coach, Ronald

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