New member: Toulouse FC joins EFDN

10 December 2020

New member: Toulouse FC joins EFDN

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is welcoming Toulouse FC and TFC Foundation into the network. The French club wants to grow its national and European networks, learn about good practices from other EFDN members, create more visibility for their CSR engagement and participate in European programmes.

Toulouse FC’s CSR projects in the community are in the DNA of the club. It started with a programme of training for children in disadvantaged areas in Toulouse. In 2003, the club has created the programme “Jeunes Citoyens Supporters”: the goal was to create a community of young TFC fans and educate them on the positive values of Football.

Regularly, the club won national trophies for its social engagement in its community: 1st Prix Educafoot by the “Agence de l’Education par le Sport et la LFP” (2009), 1st Prix “FDJ Ensemble pour le handicap” for the creation of its Blindfoot team (2015), 1st Prix “Foot pour Elles – Fondaction du Football” (2017) for its programme on the development of football for women.

To grow and to be more efficient, the TFC Foundation was created in 2010, being the 3rd foundation in France for professional football clubs. Each year, the TFC Foundation organises more than 50 events. About 60 000 children aged between 6 and 18 years old participate in one or more CSR programmes of the club. Today, the name of the club’s CSR programme is “Génération Pitchoun”, divided into three parts: Social, Education, Charity (11+1).

Damien Comolli is the President of TFC Foundation.

TFC Foundation’s new charity programme 11+1 has been launched this season: this program aims at helping and supporting the community through charity. As a symbol, “11” refers to the number of players in a football team. Then, “+1” represents solidarity and all the people/organisations all around the club which can have an important role: players, fans, charity associations, sponsors, public institutions, etc. Each month, the club stands for a good cause, and all the “+1’s” are involved.

The TFC Foundation uses the social, educative and charitable power of football to inspire its community. The goal is to make sure that each Toulouse youngster can experience one or more of the Foundation’s actions, as to fully count as a member of the “Génération Pitchoun”.

Read more about TFC’s programmes on their member page.


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