Notts County FC Football in the Community joins EFDN

28 October 2019

Notts County FC Football in the Community joins EFDN

EFDN is delighted to welcome Notts County FC Football in the Community, the charity entity of the world’s oldest football league club, as a new member. Notts County  Football in the Community are a regional sports development charity serving the people of Nottinghamshire. 

Notts County Football in the Community were established as a community organisation in 1989, meaning that in 2019, they proudly celebrate 30 years of operations. They are proud to deliver a range of innovative programmes that make a positive difference to people in Nottingham, raising aspirations and supporting some of the most disadvantaged, marginalised and talented people across the city.

Notts County FC FITC has a 50+ strong team of staff, plus another 50 or so pool of volunteers who help deliver our work. They are fully embedded within the local community having been operating for the past 30 years. They deliver programmes full time, across the year and the community work focuses on the following key S.H.I.N.E. themes: Sport Development, Health, Inclusion, NCS, and Education.

The newest EFDN member is looking for new partnerships, funding & research opportunities and wants to learn from other clubs and their foundations how they run their community programmes. Therefore, Notts County FC FITC want to participate in EFDN Youth and Staff Exchanges and attends the 13th EFDN Conference on the 19th and 20th of November in Barcelona. At the same time, the charity strives to share its own experience and best practices.

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