OL Foundation break a world record

11 July 2019
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OL Foundation break a world record

OL Foundation break the world record for the longest football match by playing for 68 hours. The match ended with a mind-boggling score of 399-369.

It was at 8:30 that the world record fell! In total, after 68 hours of uninterrupted effort, the longest match in the world ended on Monday, July 1, early in the afternoon on the field number 5 of OL Academy! On the phenomenal score of 399 to 369, the players experienced a moment of intense sharing.

807 participants from 60 different countries (from Pakistan to the United States to Germany) took turns for 3 days and 2 nights of games without stopping, thus erasing the previous record of 677 participants. In five-a-side games, and despite the very difficult weather conditions, 2 world records were beaten!

The match was organised by the Equal Playing Field association that aims to fight against gender inequality in sport and promoting the development of sport for girls and women around the world, especially in marginalised countries. More specifically, the organisation aims to ensure equality and respect for girls and women in sport and in life. The event also aimed to promote the exchange between players and players from all countries, and to raise awareness about the sport of women in football, with an aim to go to get closer to equality. Special guests such as the Jain Women’s World Cup singer and ambassador were there to support this fight and encourage participants.

“Equal Playing Field helps put women on an equal footing with men. And it is precisely to support this cause that I came here.”  Nichole Tiggs, US player

Sandrine Dusang, OL former player, added : “I had not hesitated to make the highest and lowest match in the world *, so it’s quite logical that I agreed to do the third project here in Lyon, I could not miss it.”

In addition, throughout the weekend, nearly 35 activities were held on the sidelines of the event (workshops, conference, debates on the place of women in football, broadcast of matches of the Women’s World Cup, etc.) .

* Equal Playing Field organised the highest match in history at Kilimanjaro summit in 2017, and the lowest in Jordan in 2018 at the edge of the Dead Sea.


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