PAOK Action – We give blood, we give life.

20 June 2018

PAOK Action – We give blood, we give life.

Through their foundation PAOK Action, the Greek football club PAOK FC and Thessaloniki Bioclinic organised blood donation on Thursday, the 14th of June which was the World Blood Donor Day. 

You don’t have to be a doctor to save lives. Every moment, someone somewhere is in need of blood. Five minutes of your time is worth a bottle that cannot be purchased or sold and can make a difference for someone! PAOK FC called upon all their friends and fans to participate in the annual blood donation held by the “Double-Headed Eagle” club, in cooperation with the Thessaloniki Bioclinic in the centre of the city of Thessaloniki. Those who participated in the blood donation will also enter the lottery draw for a 2018-19 season ticket of PAOK in Gate 5 and many PAOK gifts, as well as many extra points in their PAOK Club Card.

Guidelines for blood donors

All healthy men and women between 18 and 62 years old can donate blood 3-4 times per year without any risk. Each donor can donate around 450 ml of blood that is replaced almost immediately. Plasma is replaced within 24 hours and the red blood cells are replaced in approximately 30 days. Blood donation is harmless and takes between 5 to 10 minutes. Blood donation is very important because no medication can replace the blood or the plasma that patients need.

Before blood donation

Blood donors can donate blood every three months in order to allow plenty of time to replenish their red blood cells. It is advisable for a donor to be well rested and to have slept at least 6 hours before donation. Another important thing is before blood donation, the donors must have had a light breakfast only. Another option is to donate blood at least four hours after a light lunch. Donors shouldn’t consume alcohol 24 hours prior to the blood donations.

After blood donation

Blood donors should strictly follow the advice of the health personnel at the donation site. After donating the blood, the donors are advised to have a small snack and stay in the hospital until the health personnel allow them to leave. Moreover, donors should refrain from smoking or driving in the next 1 hour and should avoid exercises for the rest of the day. Alcohol should also be avoided in the next 24 hours after the donation. Another recommendation for the blood donors is drinking extra liquids and have a good meal on the day of the donation in order to recover their bodies. For any problems or additional health information, the blood donors should refer to the doctors or health personnel on site.


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