Participants received a Football Memories Book from Excelsior Rotterdam

9 August 2022

Participants received a Football Memories Book from Excelsior Rotterdam

Excelsior Rotterdam issued a book dedicated to the fight against the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer.

The participants of the Excelsior Football Memories project received the Football Memories book during the meeting on Tuesday 2 August. The book is used to recall beautiful football memories, but also general memories from that time period. The participants received the book on behalf of Alzheimer Nederland.

During the weekly meetings, the football memories book was handed over to the participants by Ruwengely Albertus. As a project officer, he works with the elderly every week.

“Every week you see familiar faces who enjoy coming to Excelsior. It’s a morning out for them and it’s always a pleasant affair. In addition, many stories from the past are shared and it is a social place for the elderly where you really see them blossom.”(…)”The books from Alzheimer Nederland are a really nice contribution to our programme. The participants also dove straight into the books and came up with all kinds of stories. That is wonderful to see and hear!”

Ruwengely Albertus, Excelsior Foundation Project Officer

The book includes numerous football memories from the past such as stories about Berry Hughes, Johan Cruijff, Willy van der Kuijlen, Casillas’ toe or Robin van Persie’s magnificent header at the 2014 World Cup. During the meeting in the near future, these stories and more will be quoted.


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