PSV Foundation signs neighborhood contract

9 March 2019

PSV Foundation signs neighborhood contract

The PSV Foundation is at the centre of society, organising various initiatives with a view to making society a little more beautiful in the local Eindhoven area.

Neighbourhood contract
One of the key achievements for the PSV Foundation in February was the signing of a neighbourhood contract with several partners in Doornakkers, Tongelre. The partners will collaborate and work together to support each other in projects that improve the quality of life in the local neighbourhoods. The partners are not required to work together on every single project that the other does, however, the agreement opens the door to asking for help and makes working together for the greater good a lot easier.


As well as this important milestone, February also seen a number of other activities taking place including:

Contract participants CPC United
The participants of CPC United have signed their contract this month, committing to train twice a week at the GGzE (mental health care Eindhoven and De Kempen) grounds, with the event made  extra special thanks to PSV first team player Ryan Thomas joining the contract signing ceremony.

CPC United is a program for young people who are undergoing treatment at the youth psychiatric clinic. In some cases, the judiciary has determined that participants must follow the program.

An attempt is made to teach young people skills so that they can successfully return and contribute to society.

Cooperation between DAF and PSV +
The PSV Foundation offers DAF employees the opportunity to participate in the PSV + lifestyle program in a low-threshold way. Twelve meetings are held each covering a different topic, e.g. one of the meetings focused on exercise, diet and relaxation patterns and educated employees on how they can live even more consciously.

Rock and water training
Several children of Mensfort United Red & Bronze have received rock and water training. The intention here is that children learn to gain self-confidence, stand up for themselves and find their own limits by practising different exercises situations from reality.


Scoring for Health

The Scoring for Health programme encourages children from the ages of 7 to 13, and their parents, to adopt a ...


In 2017, the PSV Foundation has launched in cooperation with medical partner St. Anna TopSupport, a new health programme ...