Real Betis Balompié keeps raising awareness through environmental actions

1 June 2023

Real Betis Balompié keeps raising awareness through environmental actions

ICÓNICA Sevilla Fest and Real Betis Balompié renew their commitment, through Forever Green, to raise awareness through environmental actions.

Real Betis Balompié & Forever Green, together with ICONICA, are once again launching initiatives to promote sustainable transport and the use of reusable cups, as was done in the 2022 edition. Forever Green continues to grow beyond sport and adds a new ally in the world of culture. Real Betis Balompié and Icónica Sevilla Fest join forces again in this III edition of the Festival of the Plaza de España in Seville, as they did last year, to raise awareness through environmental actions, around the development of the Festival, which will be held in this emblematic space between 15 June and 22 July 2023.

In this way, Icónica Sevilla Fest and Forever Green will promote the use of sustainable transport, offering spectators promotional discounts on Lime electric scooters and the use of reusable cups with the presence of the Real Betis sustainability platform. In addition, videos about the Festival and Forever Green’s actions will be shown on the screens both before the home matches of the Real Betis team and in the minutes before the start of the concerts.

In addition, and as a new measure in the cultural world, already carried out in 2022, Icónica Sevilla Fest will also measure its carbon footprint in order to work on ensuring that future editions of the festival have a lower environmental impact on the city. It should be noted that ICÓNICA Sevilla Fest is an event with respectful and friendly lighting throughout the historic site that hosts it, the Plaza de España in Seville, the masterpiece of Aníbal González, through the use of LED lights.

At the signing of the collaboration agreement, Javier Esteban, director of ICONICA Sevilla Fest, expressed his satisfaction with ICONICA’s commitment to sustainability, thanks to the support the Festival receives from Real Betis Balompié and Forever Green. As has been expressed in previous appearances and press releases, the Festival is committed to Seville being a flagship for music, culture and tourism, but all this can only go hand in hand with correct environmental actions, taking care of the space that hosts the Festival, the Parque de María Luisa and the Plaza de España, a place that is the city’s hallmark, both in terms of heritage and for the important lung it is for the city.

“Musical events, like sporting events, have a great impact on the mobilisation of people, so they are a great opportunity to involve the public in initiatives as necessary as the one the Festival is launching. We are happy to join an event of the level of ICONICA Sevilla Fest, and to join forces in its common goal with Forever Green and against climate change, which is already affecting us as a society. We are facing an emergency and we all have to join forces. The environmental sustainability platform of Real Betis, which already has several worldwide recognitions and more than 80 collaborations, adds this way for the second year this collaborator from the world of culture, together with others that we had previously such as the European Film Festival of Seville or the film “Héroes de Barrio”.

Rafael Muela, Manager of Real Betis Balompié Foundation

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