Saints Foundation offering warm spaces to older adults this winter

27 January 2023

Saints Foundation offering warm spaces to older adults this winter

With the cost of living plunging many Southampton households into fuel poverty, Saints Foundation have extended their Falls Recovery delivery to offer participants free meals in heated venues this winter.

Falls Recovery sessions are now running across four hours, with participants enjoying refreshments, friendly company and a free hot meal after their seated exercise class.

It’s estimated that around 35% of Southampton’s older adults will have no money left after paying their bills this winter. Spending time in the ‘warm space’ should give participants a welcome reprieve from heating their own homes and spending money on food. 

Strategy Filming-41
Falls Recovery participants at a seated exercise class

Falls Recovery aims to improve mobility, strength and balance in NHS referred participants. The expert instructors lead groups through the 12-week course to reduce the risk of falling again. The project is working in collaboration with Communicare to offer this extended support.

The sessions are just a small number of over 60 designated ‘warm space’ places available in Southampton. SO:Linked, which is funded by Southampton City Council and the local Clinic Commissioning Group.


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