Scoring for Health football festival in Mariupol

1 June 2021

Scoring for Health football festival in Mariupol

On May 27, a school in Mariupol hosted the final session of the Scoring for Health project in the format of a football festival.

Within the framework of the festival, boys and girls competed in various disciplines: dribbling between cones, hopping on the agility ladder, keepie-uppies against the clock. The event was attended by 40 participants of the Scoring for Health programme.

Damir Yusupov, Shakhtar Social project manager:

“The event went well. Children participated in activities and had a good time. Unfortunately, due to quarantine restrictions, we were unable to hold a general project festival involving all 200 participants, so each school separately organised its own mini-festival. The project has helped the kids a lot. According to the teachers, the children began to think more about proper nutrition. Concepts such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates are no longer abstract things for them. Initially, we involved children who are doing little physical movement as well as overweight children in it, to help them through activities and educational things. All programme participants received memorable souvenirs from Shakhtar Social as memorabilia. The Scoring for Health project is an EFDN initiative implemented by the non-profit foundation with the support UEFA Foundation for Children and M-Sport.


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